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About Center House Association

Center House Association, formed on 31 March 1998, is a non-profit organization under IRS Code Section 501(c)(19) which exists to perpetuate the traditions and history of Center House, the Marine Corps’ oldest Officers’ Mess, of Marine Barracks,Washington, D. C.  

Center House Association assists the Commanding Officer of the Barracks through: 

          1) the presentation of meaningful gifts to maintain the special atmosphere of Center House for the enjoyment of all Officers of the Mess and their guests, 

          2) researching and presenting the history of Center House and, by extension, the Barracks, and 

          3) reuniting alumni and current Officers of the Mess to enjoy the special camaraderie of their shared service at the Oldest Post of the Corps.

Mission Statement:

Center House Association, a private non-profit organization, capitalizes on the collective energy, imagination, and vision of its members, united in their commitment across decades of Center House “legend and lore” to: perpetuate the traditions of the Marine Corps’ oldest Officers’ Mess; to assist the Barracks Commander in maintaining the Center House Mess; and to reunite and reacquaint the former members of the Mess with each other, their families, and with current Officers of the Barracks to foster camaraderie and a deep appreciation of the history and honor of serving at the Oldest Post of the Corps.