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Board of Directors Election!



Please join us in welcoming the newly-elected CHA Board of Directors for the 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2025 Term:

Gen John M Paxton, USMC (Ret)
BGen Dave Reist, USMC (Ret)
Col Mike McGowan, USMC (Ret)
Col Dan O'Brien, USMC (Ret)
Col Christian Cabaniss, USMC (Ret)
Mr Robert Murtha
LtCol Greg Jones, USMCR
LtCol Dave McSorley, USMC (Ret)
Maj Donna Gerlaugh, USMC (Ret)

A total of 105 CHA members voted in this election out of a total population 256 CHA members --
a 41% turnout rate. 

Congratulations to our New BoD Members, and Thanks to our Membership for voting!

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Former Barracks Officers in Support of Today’s Officers
Marine Barracks, Washington, DC

Welcome Recent Joins And  Renewals!

Welcome Members
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Honorary Lifetime Members
Honorary Lifetime Members
LtGen Ron Christmas, USMC (Ret)
Gen George Crist, USMC (Ret)
Gen James Jones Jr, USMC (Ret)
Mr Robert Murtha, CEO MURTECH, Inc.
Gen Peter Pace, USMC (Ret)
Gen John Sheehan, USMC (Ret)
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Lifetime Members
Lifetime Members
LtCol Richard L Alderson, USMCR (Ret)
LtCol Ryan K Aldrich, USMCR
Gen John R Allen, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Antony Andrious, USMC
Mr David P Backus
LtGen Ronald L Bailey, USMC (Ret)
Mr Sean D Berg
LtCol William R Brignon, USMC (Ret)
Col Robert  N Burhans, USMC (Ret)
Mr Al Burrill
Col Sean R Filson, USMC
LtCol Andrew C Frantz, USMCR (Ret)
LtCol Glenn  Gearhard, USMC (Ret)
Capt Logan A Giger, USMC
CDR Jason A Gordon, USN
LtCol Dean Keck, USMC (Ret)
Mr Adam S Maddock

Col Michael J McGowan, USMC (Ret)
Col Charles H Pangburn III, USMCR (Ret)
Gen John M Paxton, USMC (Ret)
Mr Lionel P Perkins III
The Honorable Charles Robb, Virginia Governor and U. S. Senator (D-VA)
MajGen Mastin M Robeson, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Robert L Sartor, USMC (Ret)
Maj Sean M Shea, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Margery Westerbeck, USMC (Ret)
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Ten-Year Members
Ten-Year Members
Col Roarke L Anderson, USMC (Ret)
Mr Stephen W Andriko
LtCol Sarah Armstrong Lenz, USMC
Mr Bradley D Baxter
Col Ernest Beall Jr, USMC (Ret)
LtCol David A Bethel, USMC (Ret)
LtCol James T Bishop, USMC (Ret)
Mrs Sherry Christmas
Col David L Close, USMC (Ret)
Mr Ron W Coleman 
Maj Edward G Conger, USMC (Ret) 
Mr James J Coolican
Mr James P Cooney  
Mr Andrew J Cote'
Gen Terrence Dake, USMC (Ret)
Mr William D Davidson
Col David G Dotterrer, USMC (Ret)  
Col Christopher S Dowling, USMC (Ret)
CWO5 Gary N Downey, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Brendan Duff, USMC (Ret)
Col Justin S Dunne, USMC
Col Charles E Ellis, USMCR (Ret)
LtCol William L Ezell, USMC (Ret)
Col Angel D Fernandez, USMC (Ret) (deceased)
Col James C Flynn, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Harry L Gardner, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Robert P Gerbracht, USMC
LtCol Arthur V Gorman Jr, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Dennis M Guzik, USMC (Ret)
Col Andrew S Haeuptle, USMC (Ret)
Mr Michael A Hanson
LtCol Mark S Helgeson, USMC (Ret)
Col John M Holladay, USMC (Ret)
MajGen Ted Hopgood, Jr., USMC (Ret)
Maj Graeme L Jack, USMCR (Ret)
LtCol Gregory D Jones, USMCR
Mr. Michael L Keller
MajGen James M Lariviere, USMCR (Ret)
Maj Fred C Lash, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Peter R McCarthy, USMC (Ret)
Mrs Rita McGowan 
LtCol Hugh M McIlroy Jr, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Matthew J McKinney, USMC
Mr Franklin N McNeil, Jr. 
Col Paul F Meagher, USMC 
Col Peter T Metzger, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Richard O Miles, USMC (Ret)
Col Paul Montanus, USMC (Ret)
Col Dan O'Brien, USMC (Ret)
CDR Timothy R Oeltmann, USN (Ret)
LtGen Pete Osman, USMC (Ret)
Mr John F Platt
Mr Dale H Pugh

Maj Francis R Quigley, USMC (Ret)
Mr John P Raymond  
Mr Steven Reinemund 
Ms Kimberly R Robinson, Associate Member
Col Jonathan T Scharfen, USMC (Ret) 
LtCol Kirk Schlotzhauer, USMC (Ret)
Col Andrew H Smith, USMC (Ret)
Mr Dennis F Sullivan
Mr Blake K Thomas  
LtGen Rick Tryon, USMC (Ret)
Col Warren S Walters, USMC (Ret)
BGen Benjamin T Watson, USMC
LtGen Willie J Williams, USMC (Ret)
Maj Robert C Yost, USMC (Ret)

Supporting the Barracks Commanding Officer
in perpetuating the privileges and traditions of the Center House Officers’ Mess while
fostering camaraderie and a deep appreciation of the history and honor of
serving at the “Oldest Post of the Corps"

If you have served at Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.
as an Officer, General Officer Resident, or Spouse of these Officers, 
we invite you to...

With Great Thanks to our Strong Supporters