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Thanks to a HQMC(AR)-funded Barracks interior renovation project, and with further financial help from Center House Association, the Barracks accomplished a long-needed expansion of book shelf space in the Center House Library to hold the large numbers of books donated by departing MBW Officers over the past several decades.  

The completion of the renovation of the Library/Fireplace room of Center House brought all donated books back together and all are now shelved in an expanded set of bookcases and can be read under much better lighting and seating conditions than in the past. All who have visited the renovated Library/Fireplace room in Center House are universal in their praise of its improved functionality, the quality of workmanship, and the overall excellence of the final product. For further information and photos of the renovation, please click here.

The total cost of the project to CHA was $13,400, which was drawn from CHA's Donations Fund. This fund-raising campaign will help replenish these funds so that we can act as quickly in the future to support the MBW CO requests to enhance Center House. 

Thank you!

US$0.00 received toward our goal of US$20,000.00

Applied toward hosting social events to bring currently-serving and former Barracks Officers together for bonding and camaraderie across the generations (we do not charge currently-serving officers for these events), and to pay other general operating expenses.